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Our Classes:

Tap:  Kids and adults alike love to make noise with their feet.  With metal taps fixed to the heels and toes of shoes tap dance gives children and adults the opportunity to do just that.  Learn basic steps and then learn combinations fit to various pieces of music using those steps.  Tap dancing is a great cardiovascular workout and a ton of fun for all ages.

Jazz:  Energetic, fun and set to a wide range of music.  Long lines accentuated by high kicks, turns and leaps

Ballet:  The foundation of dance. Ballet helps children and adults to develop self-discipline and grace.  Ballet classes involve barre, center floor work and progressions that lead to dance combinations to help tell a story.

Pointe: For the advanced ballet dancer pointe work is performed in pointe shoes on the tips of the toes.  Studying pointe requires practice and perserverance.

Lyrical:  Lyrical dance is a combination of ballet and jazz technique.  Students are encouraged to express themselves emotionally through dance.

Hip Hop:  High energy classes involving a range of styles including breaking, locking, popping and house dance.  

Mom & Tot:  Imaginative, creative and fun, mom & tot (or dad, grandparent, aunt, uncle etc.) classes are for the child not quite ready to separate and or not quite ready to follow directions independently.  Fun music, light stretching and basic movements are taught while children are exposed to various rhythms and a variety of music.  Scarves, shaker eggs and various musical instruments help to make classes extra fun.

Adult tap and Adult ballet / jazz combo:  A chance for exercise and camaraderie while enjoying and learning tap, jazz and or ballet.

Classes for children and young adults with special needs:  Dance Dynamics has offered classes for children and young adults with special needs for 23 years.  Based on the individual childs needs dancers are sometimes paired up with other dancers to help with balance and following directions.  Dance Dynamics has had children enrolled with Down Syndrome, Autism, Left Hemiparesis and various seizure disorders.  The class is ballet, jazz and hip hop based.   The class is a great opportunity for socialization and lots of fun!